[Construct 2] Bug Report Template (PDF) for C2 Issues / Problems


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Bug / Problem Report

I created an interactive PDF Report Document. Please download it, fill it out and send it back to me via PM.

I will check it then ASAP.

Download Bug Report Template: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0hnl8n8qhrm5r71/AACGWJBQ-gU_rhMuw5cMMzXBa?dl=0

Please use always the latest report version. Thanks!


  1. This is an interactive PDF. Just fill out the forms, save it as “bug_report_YOUR_NAME.pdf” and send it back to me in a private message.
  2. Please attach a capx file showing the issue. If you don’t want to add your current project, rebuild a test case showing the issue.
  3. Provide as much details as possible!
  4. Comment your project file (this helps me understanding your code)

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