Construct 2 - Cocoon banner Ads not working


insterstitial ads work, but banner ads not showing my codes are same for both ads type

basic example : on start >set banner layout + load banner
on banner loaded > show banner ad

it works for interstitial ads. how can i fix this ? i tried canvas+ and webview+ too


Hello loxden008,

I had a similar problem, but I was not using Construct.
Did you tried it with developer app or release app?

For me in DevApp everything was fine, but on releaseApp the banner load event didnt trigger.
Can you try to call without load-event? Just right after banner.load() call?


i use global variable for watch the background , when cocoonads call “load banner ads” i set the
variable to " 1 ". then if cocoon call “banner loaded” i set the variable to " 2 ". but it was never change to " 2 " its stuck on “1” i guess that means cocoon cant load banner ads, now i will try to DevApp. Thanks for advice

Edit: i tried Devapp, banners still not working :confused:

Last edit : i fix that problem, the problem is on “on ads loaded” event, so i add global variable for ads and change that event(on ads loaded) to " if ads variable = 1 " > " show banner ads now banners working : ) hope i can help someone who need help about the banners ads


Thanks man, you helped me so much!


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