[Construct 2] Firebase issue

  • Basic description of the problem:
    I’m not sure that this bug is in coocon, but it works perfectly on PC. When i open my game with wi-fi and save in database some data by firebase, it works OK. When i open game without wi-fi it stops working (it’s logically). But! If I try to enter in game with wi-fi after i entered in it without wi-fi, it breaks. It stops working.

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:

  1. Enter in game with internet connection and save some data
  2. Turn off internet and enter in game
  3. Turn on internt and enter. You’ll see this bug

  • Webview engine(s):

  • Used plugins (if relevant):
    Firebase (by rexrainbow)

  • Framework/game engine (if relevant):
    Construct 2


@Blue_Sialia, @imanolm1, @andy_reitberger, @mortimergoro

What do you think? Is it possible to fix?


Hi @norman74rus

The firebase plugin by Rexrainbow is not supported by canvas+ (WebView+ may work, but not sure). It’s basically only for desktop games, because it uses some unsupported features (SSL WebSockets and so on)…

To use Firebase at your mobile game you should use the Cordova Firebase plugin.

However there is no corresponding Construct 2 plugin for that. I asked @cranberryga a while ago, but I haven’t got a respone yet. I’m not sure if @mortimergoro (ludei) is planning to make such a plugin for Construct 2.




I know. But main part of this plugin works perfectly. And there’s only one bug, i think it’d be probably better to fix it instead of throwing it.


Hi guys! I´ve been trying to find a Construct 2 Firebase plugin that I can use to get analytics reports, like using events. But I can´t find any, as far as I understand rex´s plugins are mainly focused on data storage, like itens and infos, or does it works for user behaviour and things like that? And I´m realy confused, does Google Analytics still works for mobile apps or only Firebase do that now?


Hi @Solobot_GameStudio

There is a cordova firebase plugin already.

Now we only would need a Construct 2 counterpart interacting with this cordova plugin.
I asked @cranberryga but I haven’t got any answer yet.

I also made a post in the scirra forum.



@andy_reitberger thanks! I’ll check your posts to support you and keep an eye on them, thank you very much!


@andy_reitberger any news on this matter? I keep checking the scirra forum regulary but nothing there still…


Sadly no, I’m also waiting for the Firebase Construct 2 plugin.


I hear you,now changing a little the subject, I´m using the cordova chartboost plugin for the revenue on my games, but I often have this problem, the music never stops when a video ads is showing, do you have any experiance with this problem? If you do ,any tips? Thanks again for being so supportive!


please open a new topic for that issue and tag me in it.
Then I’ll help you out :wink:




On the scirra foruns? Or here on cocoon.io? Belive it or not when I asked I was sure it was on pm haha sorry!


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