[Construct 2] Free code examples for Cocoon Plugins


In account of the new Developer Advocate Program I worked out free examples for Construct 2.Thanks to @imanolm1 for giving me the opportunity to be part of that!


  • CocoonAds Plugin
  • CocoonGooglePlayGames Plugin
  • CocoonGameCenter Plugin
  • CocoonInApp Plugin
  • CocoonShare Plugin

Moreover you will find separate files for each plugin and one Developer Bundle including all plugins in one project (Check Live Preview).

Sorry! But the following ressources are offline at the moment. I’ll update them and publish it then again! Thank you!

Download Asset
Download: Cocoon Developer Template (includes separate examples)
Demo: Android

Download: Cocoon Tracking (with Google Analytics)

Any feedback is appricated! Hope those files help you guys to develope awesome games :smiley:

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Thanks Andy, that’s great!. I’m sure it will help a lot of Construct 2 devs out there.

We will make this also available along with more tutorials, sample apps and resources in a dedicated web site we are working on.

Thanks Andy!


You’re welcome martin.
Just let me know where I can upload the files on your new Advocate Page, then I will do so.
Otherwise I will send you the files for uploading them :wink:

Thank you!



If any example files for Construct 2 are needed, just let me know and I will work something out.


Is there an example od Google Analytics integraion in the games? Can’t seem to get it working (been following this tutorial: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/4862/an-updated-way-to-add-google-analytics-to-all-your-apps/page-2


Not yet, but I can work something out for you :wink:
There is no offical Analytics Plugin for Cocoon.io, but it’s a cordova based service, so you can use the CordovaAnaltics plugin by cranberrygame.
I already have made tests with it and it’s working fine for cocoon.io.



hi andy, thanx for the reply, a working example would be great, 'cos I’m stuck :frowning:

I belive there is a problem with canvas+, the browser object in C2 is not fully suported with canvas+ and canvasplus object doesn’t have “run javascrip” option…

tnx, I belive lot of devs would be glad to see working example of GA implementation


Sure, I’ll work something out for you on the upcoming weekend.
You need an additional C2 plugin in order to use Google Analytics.

You can get it here: https://www.scirra.com/store/construct2-plugins/construct2-cordova-plugins-1662 (with a lot of other plugins)

My example will also use this plugin. Otherwise there is no way to use Google Analytics in C2 and mobile games.
I’m not sure if Ludei will add an Analytics Plugin in the near future.
Any news on that @Blue_Siali :slightly_smiling:



Any chance a sample of how the screen capture sync and async plugins are used to properly save images to the camera reel?

Sang Ki’s cordova plugin crashes my app using cocoon. compiles fine just when i hit the “Save screen” button the app crashes/closes.


Hi @Safxx

Sorry for the delay, but I was a little bit stressed the last days. I made a tutorial for you here.

Let me know if I missed something.

I’ll work something out for you :wink:



Now also the code example is ready :wink:


Hi @andy_reitberger! Great, thank you, I’ll try it as soon as I get some spare time and get back to you with feedback. I belive there will be others that will find this very useful!


So, I’ve downloaded the live demo .apk instaled it on my phone and… what now? hehe, did I miss something? Where can I see events/screens being tracked? Did you make some test GA account I missed login details for? Was I suppose to unzip the .apk and add my GA id?


Yes I know,
I wanted to setup a page where you can see the data from the Google Anayltics ID. But I haven’t found a way to show the data public yet. I was hoping to find a WordPress plugin allowing me to show Analtics data in a page, but I had no luck yet.
Any ideas?



Well, I can think of two solutions at the moment:

  1. Create a new analytics account add it to the GA and set premissions to “View & Analyze” then share the login info publicliy

  2. U could use Google Analytics superProxy to share the data publicly -> https://developers.google.com/analytics/solutions/google-analytics-super-proxy

Hope this helps


Hello @andy_reitberger,sorry for asking…have you had the chance to check the capx i sent you? i’m totally stuck :confounded: need to continue my project,hope to hear from you soon,thanks in advance :relaxed:

Kind Regards,



Not yet sorry. I will do it today. I’ll let you know then.



Hi! It can be exported with deprecated CocoonJS exporter example in version 221?


please use the “Cordova” exporter in Construct 2 and “CocoonIO” as compiler for your games.