[Construct 2] How to use AtomicPlugins (Code Example)


I released a code example for construct 2 (free) showing how to use the new Cocoon Atomic Plugins by ludei.

This template includes a examples how to use the new Atomic Plugins by ludei. At the moment the template is using.

  • CocoonAds (AdMob)
  • CocconCanvasPlus
  • CocoonIAP (IAP isn’t working in the demo due the fact that the app
    was not uploaded to the store…)

Following plugins are planned and will be added in further versions.

  • CocoonShare
  • CocoonGooglePlayGames

Download (free): Atomic Plugins Code Example

I’m open for any suggestions, so feel free to tell me what you miss.

Tutorial: [Construct2] How to build with CocoonIO

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Awesome job Andy,

Thanks for helping, we try to find time for this everyday. I’m sure Cocoon people will appreciate this.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:
I’m glad to help. I will give my best to keep the source files up to date :smiley:


Construct 2 and Admob Ads

Link off…


Thanks, link has been fixed.



Error when trying to open the example:

  • CocoonGooglePlayGames.capx
  • CocoonGameCenter.capx

The Ludei plugins are installed.


I guess the examples are using an older version of the plugins. This may cause this conflict.
I’ll check it and fix it when I’m back home.



Link are off , please help !


I updated the link. You find the files here.

At the moment some files are missing. I’ll upload those later.