[Construct 2] Is Canvas +


I would like to know what is the purpose of “Is Canvas +” in CocoonCanvas Plugin?

Does it improve the performance of my application if i put my construct 2 codes under it?


@andy_reitberger can you explain?


Hi @jance0405

no. This only helps you check if you are running Canvas+ or not.
Some Cocoon actions requires the Canvas+ WebView engine. Before you call those actions, you can check with this condition if the game is running in Canvas+.
Otherwise the call of a Canvas+ acition can lead to JS errors (like in the browser preview).
However for most cocoon actions you also can use “System” -> “is on platform [cordova]”.
That’s sufficient for most cocoon actions, events.



Another question:

Do you know any other plugin that does a “Mobile Back Button”? I know “Browser Plugin” can do that and in fact i’m currently using it but there is a conflict between appodeal plugin and this browser plugin. If i use the 2 two of them inside my app, the back button will not work but if i remove appodeal’s plugin, the back button works.

Obviously i cant remove the appodeal plugin because its my way for making money from my app but there are users who are disappointed when they use back button and the whole app closes. Hope you can help :persevere:

I hope cocoon can add this Back Button thing in CocoonCanvas plugin


I’m not sure, but I guess Appodeal is catching the event for the back button and closes the game.
You can ask the appodeal support to include an option allowing you to toggle of the “Close on Back button” event in the appodeal plugin.
That’s the best way I see.



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