[Construct 2] Problems with ads


Hello! I made game in construct 2 and want to ad some ads to game. I select admob for me. In construct 2 i add admob plugin. Made a preload and show banner, paste a banner ID from admob. Then export with cordova. After upload to cocoon I ad a native admob plugin for Android. But after compiling and start my game in android device I cant’ see ads. Looks like admob don’t work. Does any one know what is the problem? Maybe I done smething wrong?


If you are using the Admob plugin in Cocoon, you must install the “CocoonAds” plugin. The AdMob plugin by Construct doesn’t work with the native admob plugin in cocoon. If you want to use the default admob plugin, you must install cranberrygames “Cordova Admob” plugin to your cocoon project.



Thank you! Look, did I do it right?


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