[Construct 2] Video Tutorial - Install Cranberrygame Plugins in C2 and CocoonIO


I made a simple video to clarify how to install @cranberryga Cordova Plugins in Construct 2 and in CocoonIO.

A written guide can be found here.

If there are still any issues with Cranberrygame’s Cordova Plugin and CocoonIO, please let me know here. Up to now mostly all plugins are working fine.

Causing build errors

  • Cordova Appodeal Plugin

Thank you!


hi @andy_reitberger idk why my Unity Ads didnt shown,

Test mode has set to be “False”


Hi @arcadesind

I’ll build a test case for it and let you know if it works on my end.



sure, please wait a minute, I will upload it soon.


Unity Ads.zip (171.0 KB)
Please try it, test mode I set to “No”.


Thank you, I’ll check it once I’m back home from work.

Thank you!