Construct 3 - Plugin Support


The new game editior Construct 3 will start in beta in April 2017.
Then Scirra will provide the new SDK.

@mortimergoro @andoni.martin @imanolm1
Will the construct 2 plugins be updated to work with C3?

For addon developers
Construct 3’s addon format is generally similar to Construct 2’s. However third-party plugins and behaviors will need to have their editor script (edittime.js) rewritten in to a new format for Construct 3. This basically involves rewriting the action, condition and expression (ACE) tables in to a new format, and moving UI strings to a separate language file to facilitate translation. However the runtime script (runtime.js) should continue work unmodified. There are a small number of runtime features that have changed in Construct 3, but these are usually trivial to update. We’ll provide documentation and assistance on the forum around this. We’re aiming to have initial documentation on addons ready as early on during the public beta as possible so addon developers can get a head start on porting. Overall it ought to be a quick job to port Construct 2 plugins to Construct 3.

We’re aware some third-party developers sell their addons and might not want them bundled with projects. We will provide a way for addons to opt-out of bundling so they stay in the editor only.



Hello @andy_reitberger,

We would like to support Construct 3. But for the moment we are waiting for the release of the SDK before making a official decision.


Sounds good for me :slight_smile:



Hi, I believe the new sdk has been released now @andy_reitberger :blush:


@Blue_Sialia @jaytrott86
Yes the SDK for Construct 3 is now available.


Hi all,
I am using Construct 2, but will start using C3 when it is “finished”. Previosly I used XDK to compile the games, now I found Cocoon and think it is awesome.

I have though a question for the GooglePlayGames plugin, do you plan to integrate more features into the plugin for C3? Your C2 plugin lacks some really crucial featerus, like fetching scores. Fetch scores from Leaderbord is possible in the android API so it should be possible. The functionlity exist in the offical Scirra plugin, but that only works for web applications unfortunately.
(To fetch scores includes parameters like timespan, public/social, etc)

Thanks in advance!


Just wondering when the CocoonAds for Construct 3 will be available. Thanks!


the plugins are open source, so anybody with the knowledge can migrate them to C3.
@mortimergoro @Blue_Sialia

any chance to get the plugins migrated to Construct 3? C3 is now a stable framework and it’s time to switch :slight_smile:




Thanks for the help! For now, i’m using Ultimate Ads


I would like to see construct 3 support as i just brought the moduar game template and it wont open without cocoon support in c3 :frowning:


Sadly the plugins haven’t been converted yet. However they are open source, so anyone with the knowledge can port them to C3.

Sadly I’m no JS developer, otherwise I would do it.

Thanks for understanding.



Thanks for your reply Andy :slight_smile:
I may have someone looking in to this at the weekend, but out of my scope too :stuck_out_tongue: …Fingers crossed :smiley:


That would be awesome! Keep us posted :slight_smile:
Many thanks!