Construct & FireBase


Hi All,

Has anyone been able to get Firebase to work on Android/iOS? I tried Cranberrys InAppBrowser plugin but no joy there. I also tried to use his Facebook plugin and use the Token from that with the Authentication on Firebase but no joy also.

I opted to use WebView+ and while i DO get the option to login to Facebook with the Firebase Authentication, after i log in i get this error:

“There are no login transports available for the requested method”

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to use Firebase on mobile. Or @Ludei - Come on already and support this!




I already have talked to @andoni.martin and so far Ludei is considering to make a Firebase Plugin for C2 and Firebase in the near future, but it isn’t decided yet.
I personally guess the more people asking for it the higher the chance is to get it. I also would donate for it :wink:

I or the team of Ludei will keep you posted about this matter.

Thank you!



I would donate for it. Adding Leaderboards with a Facebook login is proving difficult. Any other suggestions seen as firebase is not an option right now?

Thanks Andy,


At the moment Parse is an alternative. But it will be retired on 28.01.2017.



I use Appsee, that’s another good alternative. interesting crash analytics too - they have user session recordings so you don’t have to recreate crashes.