[Construct2] How to build with CocoonIO


I’m Andreas, founder of shatter-box.com. I’m working on a complete guide showing you how to build with CocoonIO from scratch using Construct 2. I’ll give my very best to keep this page up to date! So please let me know about dead links, missing ressources and so on. I will also work out some capx examples on user requests. Just post a reply in this topic.

I’m also available for freelancer jobs, so don’t hesitate to drop me a PM!

Build with Construct 2

Install Cranberrygame Plugins

Please, this is a simple video made by me, but sadly with no tone. I hope it shows you the basic of how it works. For a more detailed guide, please use the written one below. Thanks!


Construct2: https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio-how-to-build-a-game-using-construct-2/
Plugin Management: How to add plugins

##Platform specific
iOS: Tutorials & Guides for how to buid to iOS
Android: Tutorials & Guides for how to build to Android

Additional Tutorials:
By Captain_Crocus

Want to submit a tutorial?
Awesome! Thank you for your help!

We’ll check and publish the tutorial on shatter-box.

CocoonFacebook (new)!

Tutorial for the Facebook plugin!

Code Examples for Construct 2

You also find more free code examples over here: https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio-free-code-capx-examples-for-construct-2/

If you are facing some issues, please check this page first.


There is no need for registration. If anybody has ideas or suggestions, please commet here.

Bug Report & Help for C2 relevant problems

Please check this topic for help.

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Thanks a lot for your contribution! :smiley:
We will move it to Tutorials and we will pin it :smile:


You’re welcome :smile:


Thank you so much! We’re glad there are people like you who want to help make things easier for others!


Thank you :slight_smile: You’re welcome!


Thank you very much for your work! We really appreciate what you are doing.
Can you post a tutorial how to integrate ads in the future?


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I will also release a tutorial for ads and google play games, but I don’t know when I find time for it. Hope that I’ll get it done this weekend.



Nice Job! I’m totally gonna check this out tomorrow. I understand that Ludei may not have the time to do this and it’s really awesome for a user to do this. Thanks.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’m glad to contribute something to the community :wink:
More tutorials will come soon.



I’ve have made small tutorial for Leaderboard from Google Play, Cocoon Plugin for Construct 2 from Ludei and compiling in Cocoon.io


Link to mini-tutorial:



Thank you very much for you tutorials :slight_smile: I added a link in the first topic :smiley:


I don’t understand, how do I test my game with the developer app? Still Confused. Do I place the ZIP File of the game inside of the Developer App?

Is it possible that you could make a video of doing this? I know, a really stupid question but I just really want to test my game out. The CocoonJS option causes a Uncompressing Error on Android phones and Ludei still hasn’t fixed it.


I’m actually working on a tutorial for that :wink: I will release it soon :slight_smile:


So you have issues with zip files in the Developer App you compile in Cocoon.io?. If that’s the case please send us the offending zip file and we will try to fix it.

Regarding the documentation, we will add videos and a thorough documentation about this but @andy_reitberger you are more than welcome to make a turorial about this :smiley: .


Oh, no. Not with the Cocoon.IO. I meant when exporting with CocoonJS option in C2 and then adding the ZIP folder to an Android device, and when it’s launched (I always use Canvas+), an Uncompressing error occurs.

I collaborated with the Ludei account on C2 and they said that they had reproduced the problem.
This being the problem:http://i.imgur.com/pHX7Pls.png

And that it would be easier to fix with what they now know. It’s been a while still nothing has happened.

But anyways, for the current topic, I simply don’t know how to test using developer app. I’m really not that much of a technical person at all and need more guidance. At first I thought the developer was my game and that I had to launch it via the App and that wasn’t it. What exactly do I do to play my game using the Dev App? Yes, I did read the topic of the Dev App on the site, still confused…

And thanks @andy_reitberger!


I just added the tutorial ‘Debug’ showing how to work with the developer app.
The tutorial can be found here: https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio-how-to-build-a-game-using-construct-2/#document-6

I also added a link above.

If you are missing something, let me know. Then I’ll add it to the tutorial as well :wink:



If both the developer app ZIP and my game ZIP folders are on my phone. How do I launch my game?



Does Google Play Game Services and Ads work in Dev App? I was fan of hardcore testing (apk on device only) earlier :sweat_smile:
I want to start test on Dev App.