[Construct2] How to build with CocoonIO


Yes. If you had installed the plugins before you compiled your Developer App :wink:
If you add a new plugin to your project then you must create a new Developer App.



You must install the .apk file.

But note, you cannot install the Developer App and the compiled App at the same time, because they have the same Bundle ID. For testing it’s the easiest way to use the developer app, so you don’t need to compile an apk file after each change.

You find the tutorial link in an earlier post: [Construct2] How to build with CocoonIO



I do this the same manner. I have the Google Leaderboard is not connecting to gpg in Dev App. I think that this problem linked to whitelist plugin.



Have you tried to remove the Whitelist plugin?
I use Google Play Games in my game ColorStream (ColorStream build with CoconIO & Construct 2) and it works like it should.
But I have not installed the Whitelist plugin though.



New tutorial for the CocoonGooglePlayPlugin added.


Let me know if I missed something :wink:

Is there a way to add more than two projects? I’m running out of space for my tutorials :smiley:


Okay, so the Developer App and the Compiled game are on my phone.

When I launch the Developer App and once it’s done unzipping, this happens: http://i.imgur.com/6P9kwFV.png

When I launch the compiled ZIP, this happens: http://i.imgur.com/O0yZU6Z.png

What I do immediately after exporting through Cordova is correct the Canvas+ Scaling and the Lazy Load within the C2runtime and save it. After that I take the pictures and audio files out of their folders and put ALL the files together and ZIP all of the files together. Is this the correct thing to do? Since after the exportation is done, the Scripts and C2 logos are within the main folder and the pictures and audio files are within their separate folders.

I upload the ZIP to the site and make a Developer App and then the Compiled App. What I really don’t understand is, what is the Developer App? Is the Developer App my game? What exactly do I do with the Developer App to launch my game?

I’m trying to test my game with a Android Device and launch it with Canvas+.


How does your content of your zip file look?


Like this:



Thanks. That doesn’t look like a build made with Consruct 2. I can’t find the c2runtime.js file.

Which program did you use to export your game?


But it is from Construct 2! D=

The c2runtime.js is in the first column, first image, and really close to the bottom. I can actually send you this ZIP if you could help me know what’s going wrong…


Looks still strange. What exporter did you use?

This is how it looks on my end.


Oh, this is what I meant in my last few comments ago. So I’m supposed to leave the audio files and image files in their folders. I’m using the Cordova exporter.

In the past, when using the CocoonJS exporter, all the files in the ZIP folder were not in their own folders. So I thought I was supposed to have them all out of folders.


Yes, please let the default folders for the images and the sounds.
Cordova is the correct exporter.
Then it should work :smile:


Hey Andy, thanks for your tutorials! I have a question - when you download the dev app, it gives you 2 apk files. In your debugging part of the tutorial, you talk about re-exporting your game and removing the config files instead of using the apks - what are the apks for? A direct install on an android device? Are we supposed to zip the apk files so the debugger can find them or do a whole new construct 2 export. I haven’t been able to get my game to work yet at all. I either get a black screen of death, a white screen of death or this notice:

Thanks for any input you might have.


Hello @RightOn
You must install the apk file (mostly ARM, due the fact that the most mobile devices are using an ARM processor) on your device.

You also get notifed via mail. Then you can download the Developer App directly to your phone and install it (the most devices are working with the ARM version).

Then you must start the installed app and load your zip file the way it is shown in the tutorial.

This will give you the opportunity to test your game without the need to compile it before.



I did that and here was the results of the next debug:


If you get those errors you have inserted an unsoppurted plugin or behavior.
Have you something installed that resizes objects or a timer?



I do use timers. I also use the Spriter plugin - do you think that might have something to do with these errors?


Do you know if cocoon.io supports timers?


It seems that cocoonio doesn’t support it or it is a bug.
I’m not sure.

Can you create a copy of your project and delete both the spriter and the timer behavior/plugin and try to run the game again?

If it works then, you can report the issue to @imanolm1