Cordova2Cocoon Converter


During testing, I used to compile the project, and each time had to correct c2runtime.js file, etc. So I made a small utility to speed up and simplify.

Now available:

  • Fixes a “this.isRetina = ((!this.isDomFree || this.isEjecta || this.isCocoonJs)” for C2 r210 version and older.
  • Changes the value of the “img_[“cocoonLazyLoad”] = true/false”
  • Removes the config.xml
  • Creates a file for sending to the Cocoon Cloud

in the plans

  • Showing line “gap: plugin” from config.xml if exist.

I hope that it will be useful to you. Errors and wishes inform here.

Download Сordova2Cocoon converter


Thanks for sharing! Sure there will be other people interested in this.


thank you @chezapp_dev I have use this since last year :grin: