CordovaLocalWebServer: tag src is not http://localhost[:port] (is


I have a web2app project I created with a url from my site. I have noticed that whenever I try to add an icon and a splash screen, I get the error below:

CordovaLocalWebServer: tag src is not http://localhost[:port] (is

Everything only works when I remove splash screen images and icon images. I was planning to upgrade my membership but I can’t do that until at least such a bug is fixed.

[Duplicated] IOS Webview+ error

I would really like to know why this happens, I have a presentation tomorrow and would have loved to have the app icons and splash screens before then.


no responses, I can’t use web 2 app then :frowning:


Hi @saibotlive,

I can’t reproduce the error. Please, could you tell me what iOS device and iOS version are you using?



Hi, I am using an iPhone 6 with IOS 9.2.1 . Everything works fine if I don’t have an icon or splash image but when I include them, I get the error above.


I have tried this with different server urls and still the same thing.


I have just tried compiling my web2app project again and it works fine without icon and splash but still gets this error below when I re-add icon and splash images. I have tested on my iPhone and iPad, both latest versions.


I spent the weekend trying this on different IOS devices and versions and it’s alwyas the same error like the screenshot as soon as I have an icon and splash screen. This just means Web2Ap is not a finished product at all.


After testing on Android with Samsung Galaxy S5, I get this message below on first load. But if I go back to reopen the app the 2nd time, it then works. I chose cocoon as I felt it would be a smoother experience in building for both IOS and Android but I feel I am not even getting the help I need.


I am seriously considering cancelling my membership. I upgraded my account because I felt Web2app is exactly what I needed but there’s no point if I can only use it without icon and splash screen.


I finally found the problem.

The issue is from Cordova, we aren’t using the last version of it.

We have a testing environment to… well… test things. I couldn’t reproduce the error because be just updated Cordova in the testing environment and it works fine there.

We are going to release a new version of the Cocoon compilers, with the updated Cordova, in the next few days (we will send an email to notify). It should fix your problem.



Thanks @Blue_Sialia, looking forward to the updated version :relaxed:



Can you confirm if the new version of the Cocoon compilers (with the updated Cordova) has been released?

We are seeing the same issue with webview+ app; it only works if we don’t supply custom icon/splash.

Thank you.



This problem has been fixed and the fix is available in the cloud service. Let us know if you find any other issue.


Looks like the problem is occurring again.

Same error message, but it’s default (index.html) instead. From a C2 export.


Same problem here :frowning:
Binary rejected because of this issue.
Any update about this? Or workaround?