[Critical vulnereability] Cocoon server was hacked


Hi. I’m a web security researcher.
Recently I discovered a critical vulnerability on the cocoon.io website.
I wrote a report and sent it to all the addresses of the company that I found. It was September 8, 2017.
So far I have not received an answer. Until now, the vulnerability has not been fixed.
As a result, anyone can get passwords to databases, secret keys for AWS S3, GitHub, Google, Braintree Payments and etc. Your private data and the source codes of your applications are in danger.
I inform the community in order to draw the developers’ attention to this situation.
Waiting for a response from the cocoon management.
My email: artem.moskowsky@gmail.com
Sorry for my English.


Hello @artem.moskowsky,

thank you very much for your report on our site, we are very sorry we didn’t answer you earlier as this is a very serious concern of our team. We are currently having a meeting about this issue and we will send you an email with a follow up on the situation.

Thank you very much for your help and patience,
the Cocoon team.


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