Developer app remote debugging



I am using the developer app trying to do remote debugging on Chrome. I load a zip file with my app content inside the developer app, my app works fine but I can’t see anything when I use “chrome://inspect”

Please note remote debugging works for Android’s Chrome application and for other phonegap/cordova apps on the same device.

I have enabled the option/setting for remote debugging in the Cocoon developer app.

Am i missing something?



Thanks for that but I already mentioned that I can remotely debug Cordova apps and Chrome on Android. So this doesn’t help me.


I’ve found that I can only use remote debugging via Chrome when the developer app is created without a release signature, IE: you want a full debug build of the developer app itself. (Same goes for the application without dev app).
So rebuild without the signing key and try that.


I also (as a rule of thumb and part of my build script) reset ADB with

D:\Android\sdk\platform-tools\adb kill-server
D:\Android\sdk\platform-tools\adb start-server


Thanks John. But I am using debug app. Also, I can debug other app built with Cordova so adb is working fine.


Have you tried a debug build of the app itself without the developer app ? curious to see if that works


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