dismissKeyboard Not working on IOS



Seems to work fine on my android devices, but has no effect on my iOS ones.


I’ve also noticed that on Android while the keyboard is open the mouse coordinates Y value seems to be slightly off , like it’s being pushed up by 50 pixels or so.


I’ve now tested this on ios 9.2, .3 and 10.1 on ipad3, 4 and air2 and the outcome is the same so it seems fairly generic.


Apart from the (slightly more serious) issue of not being able to compile at all, this one is still a real show-stopper, any eta on this ?


Any information on this issue yet?


This issue has been fixed in Canvas+ 2.3.6 that is available in the Cocoon version 2.1.0.



I’m still having this issue when compiling under Canvas+ using latest, is there anything I need to change my side?


PS, I’m trying to call the dismissKeyboard method from another event in my application and no from one of the keyboard handler methods specifically, basically I have a button in the UI which needs to hide the keyboard.


I have tested today using 2.1.0 (beta) and it appears to be working as expected in the beta, but not when using latest.


Hi @john2

As far as I know the beta version is nearly completed. So you can use it if it fix your issue. Ludei will notify us via mail when the version is out of beta.



Ok… so this was working yesterday with beta, today back to the same old not working. Tried both dev app and signed ipa.


Any ideas if this is something that is in flux in the beta ?
I’ve verified from my side using the dev app that the function is definitely called and there are no errors, it just doesn’t get rid of the keyboard.


But it did work with the beta lately?
@imanolm1 will this issue be fixed in 2.1.0?

Thank you!



It worked briefly when I compiled on Monday/Tuesday, but yesterday it seemed to have gone back to not working.


Compiled again this evening using 2.1.0 beta and it’s working again…!
Either something is changing in the compiler or the issue seems to vary from compilation to compilation, most odd!


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