Enhance problem


hi i use construct 2 when I enhanced my app the interstitials ads and the video reward are not visible how is it possible? I also entered the code “Interstitial Ad Unit *” “Rewarded Ad Unit *” I hope you can help me

the ads before I put the app on enhance are called then when I insert the app on enhance nothing appears anymore what can it be?


have you tried it with test ads unit? because I’ve tried using enhance, and just working normally in my phone


yes this is tes ads unit but dont work


this is a test that I did let me know if it works

EnhanceTest.zip (349.4 KB)

and this is the same file but exported with cordova cli and to be transformed with enhance

Enhance Test.zip (245.8 KB)


let me know if it works for you


Make sure you are using Enhance service terms opt-in (or opt-out) action before showing ads (depending on user’s choice), otherwise ads won’t work in EU due to GDPR


yes I am in EU, if you see in my app test I entered a GDPR event but it does not work


how you doing that any example please ?


Also don’t forget to use latest version of Enhance plugin


yes you try my test app doesn’t work


this enhance plugin does not work for me then I’m using this

admobfe0009 .zip (75.3 KB)

But if you know how to solve my problem of enhancement I’ll be happy to use it


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