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Hey guys!

We reached our first milestone a few days ago after being on the store for 2 weeks.
C2 is showing its age with performance on the Android, but C3 should be just fine once we get to migrate over.
@andy_reitberger I still cant get the learderboards working on the google play store, no scores are submitting.


it’s working fine. I would need to check your capx file in order to see what’s wrong. The only thing what I can say is that it’s working for me on all my games.

By the way, nice game :slight_smile:



I’m just using the official plugin from cocoon that I downloaded last year, ill attach it here.
I’m making sure the user is connected (logged in) and then submitting score. But, no scores are showing up.
cocoon-gpg.zip (7.5 KB)