Example game showcase without cocoon splash?


anyone can show me a game without cocoon splash screen wich compiled with canvas+ ?


Sure, please try one of those.

iTunes: Match3
Google Play: Match3



thanks but that game use crosswalk but i want a canvas+ example


No it doesn’t. It’s one of mine and using Canvs+.



size of the one in googleplay is +27mb (apk file) so i think its using crosswalk ! canvas+ only add ~10mb size
so are you sure ?


Crosswalk is only used by Intel XDK (or was). What you mean is WebView+ and Canvas+.
I just checked my project and saw that the public version is using WebView+ and only the beta (not public for all) is using Canvas+.
The WebView+ is always without the cocoon splash. Only the Canvas+ version shows it.
I must publish the update first, sorry for the missunderstanding!



yes , webview+ is basically crosswalk
so you have a canvas+ version without cocoon splash ?
if you have that , can you send it to me in a private message ?


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