Failed to load xml locally (All resources are packaged in the app)

  • Cocoon Version:
    latest version of Cocoon

  • Basic description of the problem:
    When the ios app compiled by Coccon is loaded into iPhone it diplays black screen with following error:

tour.xml - loading failed! (0)

  • Device info:
    iPhone 5s

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:

  1. I Compiled the baisc html5 application with simple .html file, images, javascript and xml file

  2. I have used cocoon earlier to convert html5 app into ios app

  • Expected result:
    To run the 360 virtual tour in Iphone

  • Error log
    tour.xml - loading failed! (0)

  • Testcase:
    Attach a compressed test case to reproduce the issue

  • Other information:
    Any other information that you feel is relevant

  • Webview engine(s):

  • Used plugins (if relevant):

  1. IOS
  2. Android
  3. WhiteList
  • Framework/game engine (if relevant):
    Just a HTML5 app using images, Javascript, xml and depends on WebGL to run the 360 virtual tour

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