FallDown Revamped (Android)


Hey guys… I’ve just published my first game on Play Store! (created in C2)

I would really appreciate if you can spend some time to play and provide your feedback!

It’s called FallDown Revamped, a unique concept of the classical FallDown game where you have to navigate and pass through random obstacles. Lots of power-ups to keep you engaged.

Give it a try: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.falldown.revamped

FallDown Revamped: Direct Link

I’ll be waiting for some feedback! I hope you’ll enjoy.


Hi! I tried out your game and have to say it’s addictive! I found myself hitting the replay button over and over. I feel like the gameplay is really good. My one criticism would be graphics. I think if the graphics were more polished, this could really be a hit game. The power ups feel really rewarding and useful too.

Good job!


Thank you so much @Hartbloom for this much needed feedback!

I am glad you found the game addicting. And you are right, I should now work on another “Theme” as an option. That would be cool :grinning: