GDPR adaptibility of platform


On May 25th 2018, every developer have to comply GDPR rules. I wonder if the platform is ready for this?

Any idea?



This needs a big bump. We have already ripped out all the Admob ads from all our games in order to comply.

To comply with GDPR a user must explicitly opt in to targetted ads. Unfortunately Admob defaults to targetted ads and the current Admob plugin used by Cocoon is a year old. Only the new Admob SDK includes the option to request non-targetted ads.

Therefore a new plugin is needed. C2 users etc also need a new plugin to select this option, unless it defaults to non-targetted ads.

If publishers want to offer users targetted ads then they will need some kind of permissions screen or to use the new Consent API from Google.

The Admob plugin (and any other relevant plugins for ads or analytics etc) need to be updated as soon as possible. I would suggest that it defaults to requesting non-targetted ads in the short term, until a good solution can be found for gathering permissions, such as the Consent API.

Are the team working on this?


You are right. The outdated plugins and therefore the used SDK in it is a problem.
I removed all my games from the store till this is fixed. This should have been updated a long time before the GDPR took place.
Now it’s to late and an update is not in sight.

@Blue_Sialia any ETA for addressing this? It affect a lot of publishers.



I don’t think there is a need to remove the apps from the store. I am sure that AdMob simply sets the “isConsented” flag to “no” by default which is totally fine by the law. The only issue is that with this flag set to “NO”, some of the ad providers goes out of loop which means potential lower income.

This indeed should be fixed ASAP. Can you please give us any update on this @Blue_Sialia?


We need really this. And please update Cordova plugins too. @Blue_Sialia



You would think that Admob ads would be non-targetted by default, but it appears that they aren’t:

Ads served by Google can be categorized as personalized or non-personalized, both requiring consent from users in the EEA. By default, ad requests to Google serve personalized ads, with ad selection based on the user’s previously collected data. Google also supports configuring ad requests to serve non-personalized ads.

The way I understand it you can’t make opting-in to targetted ads a condition of providing service under GDPR, but I think users can opt-out of non-targetted ads by not using the service under the ePrivacy Directive (but I’m not 100% sure). I think you still need to display a notice even if your ads are non-targetted because some data is sent for frequency capping etc:

Although non-personalized ads don’t use cookies or mobile ad identifiers for ad targeting, they do still use cookies or mobile ad identifiers for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse. Therefore, you must obtain consent to use cookies or mobile ad identifiers for those purposes where legally required, per the ePrivacy Directive in certain EEA countries.

I think the ePrivacy Directive is less stringent than GDPR, but that isn’t a legal opinion. All I’d say is it’s very complicated, as legal matters are, and we can’t assume anything. would be advised to consult lawyers and give solid guidance to developers.

I’d be happy with a short term fix, setting the consent flag to “No”, so that we can monitise our apps in the short term, before a more complicated solution to obtaining consent can be worked out. In reality I can’t imagine too many users opting in anyway


In the latest SDK there is a prompt function for asking people to decide between those ad types.
However Ludei need to update their plugins and SDK first…
@imanolm1 @mortimergoro any infos about that?

Thank you!


Any serious company out there has already updated their tools to comply with the GDPR requirements.

Please update to add the consent API or Cocoon will not be an option for mobile apps anymore!


Still waiting for any further informations


I think we’ll have to wait a lot …


Still waiting here as well… If you’re from Ludei, please help us out! If you’re not, make sure to let Ludei know by speaking up.


I am still waiting for their answer, but no response yet.


I think, Ludei not support anymore Cocoon Project.
They updated 7 months ago and;
They don’t reply.
They don’t update.
They don’t support…


Well, now it’s end of June, I hope the SDK already updated before July :disappointed:


Sad, but seems to be very true…
Haven’t heard much from them either. I need to update my iOS games, but I can’t because of the icon issue and the missing GDPR abilities in their SDK.
So for now, I have removed my games from the store…

@andoni.martin.rebore @andoni.martin @imanolm1 @Blue_Sialia any chance to hope on your support?



What about Android ?? Can we publish our games there with these problems of Cocoon??


Android is not affected by the icon problem. Only ios.


I ment the GDPR issue…


Yes for a while, but if you using admob ads, the ads only will be shown at some devices, not all devices :frowning:


Well the GDPR applies to all devices, if you are using any tracking tools or ads, you must ask for consent in your game first. The latest Admob sdk has such a feature included, but it’s not implemented by cocoon yet.