GDPR adaptibility of platform


I think the best thing will be to look for an alternative to cocoon …


any further information about progress or something about this @Blue_Sialia ?


We are preparing releases for our plugins regarding the GDPR. We don’t have an ETA but we will publish them as soon as posible.

In the meantime you might be interested in how some developers chose to deal with the GDPR.

Like presenting a hard gate at the start of their app:

Some, like Supercell, are passing the responsibilities to third parties:



Any news about upcoming update? Do we have to wait one more week or one more month for it?


@Blue_Sialia any good news for today or on this week?


July 18 and the silence continues …


Wait, the light feels brightening now


Where did you see that?


In the Ludei GitHub repository:


ehmm august is coming now :disappointed:


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