GooglePlay Event (Construct 2)


I currently use the CocoonAds plugin with social plugin enabled. It can do achievement and leaderboards, but how do I do events in GooglePlay? Do I use it with achievements and just call the ID?


Hi @jook00

If you want to use the Play Service, you need to install the CocoonGooglePlayGames plugin. There you can access the Leaderboard via its ID and submit an achievement via its ID.



Hey Andy. Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:
I do have that installed and have leaderboards and achievements working. My main question is can I do Events? There is a tab in GooglePlay where I can trigger events like how many people open my app or how many people reached level 10. Is there a way to submit an event to googleplay?


Hi @jook00

Sorry for the missunderstanding. Now I see what you meant.
I checked the docs, and it seems that it’s basically the same like an achievement (from the way to submit it). Therefor the Google Play Games plugin needs to support this, what it doesn’t at the moment.

@imanolm1 @andoni.martin is there a way to get this feature into the CocoonGooglePlayGames plugin? :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Any news on this matter? This events feature could really help improve the quality of our games and apps


Sadly not from my end.



Hi sorry for the delay, we are currently working on this feature.