How can i use AdMob?


I’m trying to add ads to my app but ads aren’t visible.

Did I implement it wrong or is there an issue with my AdMob account?
bannerAd = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createBanner("ca-app-pub-xxxx"); bannerAd.setLayout(Cocoon.Ad.BannerLayout.TOP_CENTER);;

My plugin settings looks like this (just defaults):

There’s not even an alert. I can’t find the problem! (its all executed in the deviceready event.)

bannerAd = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createBanner("ca-app-pub-xxxx");	
bannerAd.on("load", function(){
   alert("Banner loaded " + bannerAd.width, bannerAd.height);

bannerAd.on("fail", function(){
  alert("Banner failed to load");

bannerAd.on("show", function(){
  alert("Banner shown a modal content");

bannerAd.on("dismiss", function(){
  alert("Banner dismissed the modal content");

bannerAd.on("click", function(){
  alert("Banner clicked");


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