How can make apk with admob?


I have made 2d platform game in construct2 for android. I am following below tutorial.

so now the apk is generated successfully, but after installation in mobile, its shows only splash screen and then shows black screen, means game is not running in phone.
This same game working in intel xdk… means game don’t have any issue.
and I am finding alternative for intel xdk.
Hope I have choose the correct alternative.

Game Details
1920 X 1080 resolution
I am using the same keystore file which I have used in intel xdk.
apk size - 17 mb only

Any help is appreciate.
Thanks in Advance



you can use this guide:

But if you already have an apk file, I guess there is an issue in your C2 project (wrong setting or unsupported objects). For further help I need a testcase / capx file for checking.



Hello Andy,
Thanks for your reply, Actually I can’t understand below lines which I find in

CocoonIO - Complete Guide for Construct 2 | Shatter-Box.
Construct 2

"Basically you don’t need to make adjustments to your project if you already use cordova plugins (for example from cranberrygame). You can directly export it the way it is.

If you want to compile to canvas+ (what I recommend) you must replace all ‘Browser’ functions like ‘Close Browser’ with the events and actions provided by the new Atomic Plugin ‘CocoonCanvasplus’. Also if you are still using the old ‘CocoonJS’ plugin, replace it with the new Atomic Plugins for Construct 2. You find an installation guide here."

I don’t have the apk.
I am using the latest plugin of cocoon.
I export the project with Cordova.
and I have not found the “gap plugin” in my config xml:
which plugin I have to add, can you please suggest me.




this steps might be outdated. I’ll update the guide as soon as possible. It was needed if you switch form Intel XDK to Cocoon.



Hi Andy,
Yes, I was using intel xdk, but now it is going to retired. So that I am trying the please tell me the right method for the same.
I am waiting for your suggestion.



Hi @rwarhokar
the guide was updated. Let me know if you still have any problems.



Thanks Andy, I will try and let you know.


I have followed instructions the as per the guide page , but getting black screen error in game. Might be I went wrong somewhere else,
so I have tried another technique as follows,

  1. File has exported with cordova. Then,
  2. I am not deleting any file in construct2 folder. Just i made a zip file, and drag on to the cocoon page.
  3. I used webview instead of canvas.
  4. use this link : … -admob.git
  5. Then Install native android admob plugin.
    6 then I have compiled the build.
    Now the shorts ads has showing on mobile device. But I am not sure this method is correct or wrong.
    So my question is, can I go with the web view instead of canvas, and can I publish on Google play store.

One another thing is, there is no option available for test ads, like Test mode property in construct 2 (True /false).

Please guide me.



You shout delete at least the config.xml file. Otherwise it will overwrite your file in your cocoon project (mostly leads to build issues / black screens then).

About your ads, you can use the admob test ID’s

It’s important to use no live ID’s while testing! This can lead to a ban from admob.



Thanks for your great support… Andy


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