How do I center letterbox games?


Hi there, so I have games I’ve made that rely on letterbox scaling. This works in Cocoon, except two major issues…

  • the cavnas is left justified (would like it to be centered)
  • the background color of the “outside gamespace” is just the background of the layout, rather than permanent solid black boxes.

The second issue is less important but would be nice to fix but having left justified letterbox scale games is bad but i don’t know where i can center things if it’s possible.



Hi @part12studio

This scaling method isn’t supported. Please use Scale Outer / Inner. It’s the same as on Intel XDK.
There you must use Scale Outer / inner, too.

I wrote an ebook showing you how to optimzie games for, you can get it here.

In C2 you can center things by adjusting the Parallax Setting.
Set X to 0 of the layer and place the object in the middle.



Hi there, I bought the book which someone on the C2 community suggested. I also got the template as well. I’ll go through that. Happy to support people who support Construct 2 development, my ambitions with it and letting others know where they can get the needed support they need.

Knowing “letterbox” isn’t supported helps though it worries me some as I have made an entire game I’m bringing over toe Cocoon that has no centering / parallax stuff, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for your insight!



thanks for the ebook @andy_reitberger. Has there been a new or updated version since this post went up?