How to add custom icons?

  • Cocoon Version:
    How should I know? (the latest, I guess).

  • Basic description of the problem:
    *I need to add following customized icons to my project.
    tvdpi : 64x64 px
    xxhdpi : 144x144 px
    xxxhdpi : 192x192 px
    How do I do this? (i think they need to be in res/drawable. not sure)
    I have the icons, but im not sure how to add them. Please help if you can. *.

  • Additional info:
    Building with Construct 2. Exporting to cordova then building .apk with

The platform that im uploading my .apk won’t accept it until I have these icons.


in your zip file , put res/android/ldpi.png and others :wink:


Thank you for answering, but It didn’t go through. Could you give more information please? Which zip are you talking about. And should I rename every icon to ldpi ? Please add details


I m not using construct . What type of file did it export ?


From construct 2 im exporting to cordova, then packing that into .zip. Then uploading this .zip to to build .apk


Bump. Can anybody help?


Hello @Spring555,

If you want to manually add your icons you could follow the Cordova structure here.



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