How to align a game to the center of the screen with canvas +?


I am developing a game in Construct 2 and compile the app in with Canvas + Webview engine.
The aspect ratio is 16:9 and everything looks good on the smartphones I tested with this ratio.
When I tested on a tablet with the aspect ratio of 4:3, I noticed that the game was aligned to the left of the screen. But with the Webview or Webview + Webview engine, the game stays centered just the way I want it.
Is there any way the game stays centered with the Canvas + Webview engine?

Tested with:

  • Cocoon version: (2.1.0 and Latest)
  • Webview engine: webview, webview + and canvas +
  • CocoonAds

Any help?


Make sure you are using Scale Outer for the fullscreen mode, and set the Unbounded Scrolling in each layout to Yes.

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