How to align a game to the center of the screen with canvas +?


I am developing a game in Construct 2 and compile the app in with Canvas + Webview engine.
The aspect ratio is 16:9 and everything looks good on the smartphones I tested with this ratio.
When I tested on a tablet with the aspect ratio of 4:3, I noticed that the game was aligned to the left of the screen. But with the Webview or Webview + Webview engine, the game stays centered just the way I want it.
Is there any way the game stays centered with the Canvas + Webview engine?

Tested with:

  • Cocoon version: (2.1.0 and Latest)
  • Webview engine: webview, webview + and canvas +
  • CocoonAds

Any help?


Make sure you are using Scale Outer for the fullscreen mode, and set the Unbounded Scrolling in each layout to Yes.


It works perfectly!
Thank you very much!

Can you help me with the following?..

How to adjust the window and layout size of the game to the ratio of each device?