How to get a debug signed apk?


I never could install the unsigned debug version to start with (some error I can’t recall right now). Thought it would be solved when I signed the apk, but now I don’t even get a debug apk with the zip file.

I’m struggling a lot trying to debug my app. I even set up a node server with sockets (emitting events) for minimal debug capability. but it’s very impractical and doesn’t catch errors.

Is there anything I can do to get a signed debug apk?



Normally you should get a debug-signed version if you unselect a key.
Have you tried this already?

Thank you!



What do you need the signed debug APK for ? I mean, instead of a signed APK with your own certificate ?


For uploading to alpha on play store so I can debug the store.

Unselecting the key, does indeed provide a debug apk. I’m going to try my luck with this one.


What kind of debug can’t you do with a regular signed APK ?
It may be obvious, but I’m genuinely interested because until now I’ve always uploaded my Alpha and Beta APK with the release certificate.


Well, I can’t. Google doesn’t let me upload an apk with the debug flag active.


I also have a problem with not being able to use a signed debug APK.

I want to debug my application based on Google sign in, which requires the SHA1 key match in order to function.

Anybody knows of a workaround?