How to get cocoon version


Is it possible to get the version of the cocoon you are running from the api ?


why is there no support here?


You can see your cocoon version at your project settings.
For defualt it’s set to “latest”. If you click on the dropdown you can select the versions. Noramlly it’s 2.0.0.
2.1.0 is currently in beta.



I wanted to see it and log it from the Cocoon dev app to be sure what version is running there. I guess its 2.0.0 , but will there be option to go with the 2.1.0 ? :confused:


You can set it in your project settings. Just open your project, go to settings and select at “Cocoon Version” -> “2.1.0 (beta)”. By default “latest” is set, which is 2.0.0



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