How to make android keep playing music while playing our Cocoon games?

Android music stopped when I start playing my Cocoon game.

you use cocoon 2.2.0 ?

Did you mean stopped “background music player” or “cocoon ingame music”?

background music player.
when i start open a Cocoon game (music/mp3 player in background)… the music player stopped instantly.
i cant enjoy a Cocoon game while listening other music/mp3 music.

i use Cocoon 2.1.0

this is strange because in version 2.1.0 the audio works perfectly

Yes. No problem with game music/sound.
But, android can’t play game music/sound and music/mp3 player at same time.
mp3 player stopped when i start open the game.

well, it’s also happened with others game. But seems like for Cocoon or HTML5 games in android, have a default setting with it. So we can’t handle it.

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Its mean if we build with C3 without Cocoon this problem will still happen?

updatee, I just have tried it while playing background music and open Cocoon compiled game also Phonegap compiled game, it’s not about the HTML5 Games problem, but the wrapper. So it must be Cocoon default setting that handle it. Phonegap can play background music smoothly without any audio gap problem

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Yes. This problem not happen if i use Phonegap or CLI cordova. Thank for your replies.

Does this mean if I use cocoon the app won’t be able to play background music? Can I ask what type of game you are talking about? Thanks!

The game itself can play background music. However if you have running Google Music (for instance) on your phone and open a game made with cocoon the music playing from Google Music stops.

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