How to test the app on devices?


Hello, guys.

I can’t get it: how can I test my compiled app on devices?
Should I have a developer ticket and so on?

Thank you in advance and good luck!


Hey, guys, maybe some help?((



can you specify your problem?

If you successfully compiled your app (for example for android) you can download the apk at the project site (circles at the top). There you download a zip file with signed (debug) and unsigned (release) “*.apk” files (for android).
Just copy the debug signed apk to you device and install it (you need to activate ‘unknown sources’ in your android settings).

For tests i would recommend the developer app.


Thank you for your answer!

And how can I test my app on IOS device?


Really can’t find it as well, after compilation Developer App, having the Apple dev account, uploading the .ipa throughout Application Loader, then in TestFlight have it “ready to open”, but when will click “open” then it redirects me to the Cocoon Developer App, which URL has to specify there to test it?
Need to test my app due to black screen on app after compilation, although Android is already working fine, tested and published.