I ' cant login to the site


Hi everyone.

i ’ cant login to the site.
After imputing password, page start loading, them turn back to the first.

Ive tried 2 different browsers, Does anyone knows why?


This is my problem too


Me too…
But when i try login with virtual box is worked :smile:


This is caused by a very strange bug. Some users get redirect after they try to login. I’m not sure what’s causing it, at least it seems not to depend on the browser but on the computer. Maybe it’s a specific OS or third party software which is causing this issue.

Ludei should be aware of this issue.



Problem solved with re-installing my windows :joy::joy::joy:


Very strange that this solved it :smiley: Maybe it was a third party software running in the background.



I fixed this by doing a clean boot. Just search it on google and does not takes lot of time just a couple of restart


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