I'm looking for a reward video plugin for Construct 2


I’m looking for a reward video plugin for construct 2 currently I’m using cocoon ads and as I wrote in the previous post it works the older version … but it does not have video rewards what can you advise me to use the latter?


I am not using Construct 2, but this should work aswell. Older admob plugin for Cocoon 2.1.0/2.2.0 supports rewarded videos, but you have to put your video ID in interstitial ID. This is my setup:

Cocoon version: 2.1.0 / 2.2.0
interstitial ID: your rewarded video ID

var adMob = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob;
var rewardedVideo = adMob.createRewardedVideo();

rewardedVideo.on("load", function() {
    // pause your music here

rewardedVideo.on("fail", function() {
    // resume your music here
    // you can handle failed video here

rewardedVideo.on("reward", function(reward, error) {
    // resume your music here
    if(!error) {
        // rewarded video finished
    } else {
       // rewarded video closed / failed



I do not think this Construct 2 method works, the Cocoon Ads plugin has only one entry to insert the admob id



What did you end up using?


Try the ultimate Ads plugin I am using it for reward ads and its working great