iOS Build Error: "Can't get UUID from the provisioning profile."


Hello all! I’m having a build problem, with the iOS provisioning profile. What’s a UUID?

The error says… “Can’t get UUID from the provisioning profile.”

I’ve been trying to build all day, but I keep getting the same error.

Here’s the log info:


Signing error: Can’t get UUID from the provisioning profile


e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:14.692] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] cordova restore platforms
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:14.709] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding engine ios@4.5.4
Ignoring: Contents.json
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:26.876] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] cordova restore plugins
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:26.879] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding plugin cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob@1.0.11
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:26.926] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding plugin com.ludei.defaultres.ios@1.1.1
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:26.975] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding plugin com.ludei.usericon.ios@1.0.1
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:27.020] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding plugin
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:27.062] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding plugin com.ludei.webviewplus.ios@1.1.4
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:27.100] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding plugin cordova-plugin-ad-admob@1.0.118
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:27.157] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[prepare] adding plugin cordova-plugin-whitelist@1
Ignoring: Contents.json
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:29.769] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build]
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:29.770] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] create certs folder
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:29.771] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] p12
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:30.247] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] provisioning
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:30.691] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] remove keychain
security: SecKeychainDelete: The specified keychain could not be found.
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:30.784] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] add keychain
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:31.416] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] Using identity: iPhone Distribution: John Aguanno (1F7HDJFC4G)
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:31.457] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] install provisioning profile
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:31.470] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] clean
e[36m[2018-05-10T09:15:31.471] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - e[39m[build] remove keychain

Can someone help me figure out what’s going wrong?


The UUID is the identifier of your Apple Device. Each Iphone ( and other apple products) have an UUID.
Please see more here.

Please try to follow the guide linked above. Maybe there is a problem with your certificate.
Please keep in mind that you also can uncheck the key for cocoon.
This will produce a .xcodearchive which you can sign and upload via Xcode on your Apple computer.



That’s an old tutorial. It doesn’t show how to add a UUID to an Adhoc Provisioning Profile, using the newer versions of xcode (there’s no “View Details” in xcode’s ‘Accounts’ section). Please, can you tell me… How to I add a UUID to an Adhoc Provisioning Profile in new version xcode (9+)?


Can someone please help me? Bump…


Really?.. Can no one help me with this issue? How do I get provisioning file (with proper UUID) from xcode 9?


forget that!
build without any key in cocoon… open xcode, import file, click main publish button (it wont actually publish right away on store) select distribution profile… next, next , finish…
few moments later its on yout testflight and from there you can install it and test it on your real (registered) device and thats it.
once your happy how it all works and looks you chose that build and submit it for review and distribution.
hope iw helped you.


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