iOS Build for IPhone Simulator


Is there anyway to get an iOS build for the IPhone simulator for those who dont want to buy an iphone for testing the application.

Currently at the moment the built .app file appears to be for the IPhone not for the simulator, any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:



hey, any luck with that? I am looking for the same thing with no solution. To run it on simulator, it needs to have been built for x386 architecture.


even if there is a simulator, I still recommend you to buy at least an iPhone 5s. Those phones aren’t that expensive if you buy them used (sufficient for testing an app or game).
It’s always better to test on real devices.



I’m afraid not sorry :frowning:
I moved to PhoneGap and bought an ipad mini 2 to get around the issue. It is so stupid that this isn’t a thing but best of luck.
As the other guy says you can pick up older devices pretty cheaply and test it that way.


Thanks for the replies.

Yes I can test on real devices, but that’s really inconvenient. I work from different places and I don’t want to carry lots of devices with me all the time.


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