IOS Compilation - xarchive detected like "MacOS app" instead of "IOS app"

  • Cocoon Version:
    latest or 2.2.0

  • Basic description of the problem:
    When I try to compile and sing in my MAC the xarchive downloaded from Cocoon.IO it appears in Xcode like “MACOS app archive” instead of “IOS app archive” and i don’t have the possibility to make IPA file

  • Device info:
    Not important in this issue

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:

  1. Compile for IOS plattform without signing key
  2. Download xarchive and open it with Xcode in MAC
  3. The type is “MACOS app archive” instead of “IOS app archive”
  • Expected result:
    When open the xarchive in XCode must

  • Error log
    Not necessary

  • Webview engine(s):


sorry i never exported to ios but you can try version 2.1.0


My App ony works in 2.2.0, in 2.1.0 i have compilations errors



you use construct 2 ?


Yes I use construct 2, but this problem is new, i uploaded the same version thats works fine weeks ago, This a problem that only have 2 o 3 weeks.


I do not recommend using cocoon right now, try using phonegap or cordova there you should have no problem


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