iOS compile failed - after Webserver plugin was installed



I am trying to compile the iOS app on CocconJS.

it has filed due to following compilation error:

Failed to fetch plugin via git

Cocoon Version:
I tried “latest” and “2.1.0” versions

Default installed plugins were:

  1. Whitelist (cordova-plugin-whitelist v 1.3.3)
  2. IOS com.ludei.webviewplus.ios
  3. Android (

I uninstalled the default Whitelist plugin with no luck.

  • ** Framework **:

I am trying to compile the html 5 virtual reality app in to native app.

I have previously complied the HTML5 virtual reality app into native (or is it hybrid) iOS app usinf CocoonJS compiler version 2.1.1 with Webview engine: Webview+


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