iOS/Construct 2 Issues - CocoonInApps breaks project

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  • Basic description of the problem:
    I had the game I’ve built working well by exporting from Construct 2 using the old Cocoon export method, compiled fine on the cloud and loaded onto my phone as Ad Hoc easy as.

Now I have hit the problem that the “CocoonInApps” object can break my project if I trigger it, it no longer opens and gives a black screen with the error “Javascript Exception (line: 20766 Tag: ‘load’): TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating”. If I trigger it on a touch, the “Tag” changes to “Tag: ‘Touchend’”.

Is “CocoonInApps” still the right plugin to be using?

Adding the CacoonCanvasplus plugin and using it works fine.

  • Device info:
    Model, OS version,…
    iPhone 6S iOS 10
  • Steps will reproduce the problem:
  1. Add “CocoonInApps” object to project.
  • Expected result:
    Considering I have no events/actions set to use the plugin yet, I expect it to work the same as before I added it to the project.

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    Canvas +

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    Construct 2


It’s working fine for me. can you share a test project (capx file)?



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