Is Cocoon dying?


I’d like to know if is dying or doing well?

I’m a JS developer who make tools (addons) for Construct 2 and Construct 3 engines. I made quite a lot of them already and some for But some of Cocoon libraries do not work as intended.

I sent you guys emails in the past - no response.
I posted topic on this forum - no response, finally topic was closed.
I submitted an issue on the GitHub - no response.

It looks to me like Cocoon is a dying platform where support doesn’t even bother to reply. I’m not talking about solving the issue, but to at least reply.

After all I am a guy who in the end wants to make tools to bring more potential customers to you.

So please help me understand what is going on. If Cocoon is dying then I should stop recommending it to my customers all around obviously. If it’s not dying then I’d like to know what should I do to get in contact with Ludei’s staff. Is support paid here maybe? I’m just trying to understand what’s going on.



I would also like to know this.


Cocoon give much impact for me actually, but it seems that cocoon has a hidden problem that we do not want to know :roll_eyes:


@mortimergoro @Blue_Sialia @andoni.martin @imanolm1

Customers are relaying on you, please give us at least a sign.

I wrote an email to the support a while ago. I got an answer. They told me that they are lacking man power and have to do some other tasks.
I saw that they are working on cocoon version “2.2.0”, so it’s at least a sign that ludei is still out there. I fully agree with you. At least a reply or an answer to a topic “we are aware of it and we will addresse it” would be fine for the beginning.
I know maintaining such a project is a lot of work, and most user do not want to pay for this service. I’m willing to pay for it I know that ludei supports it and when I know that I get help if I stuck. At the moment, every one is on his own, even the paying customers.

Hopefully ludei will show a sign that they are still out there and working to fix issues submitted by so many users.



Hello @andy_reitberger,

We are here. And we are still working on Cocoon.

We know we have been too silent and we want to apologize for that.

We are currently updating/testing the servers and Canvas+. We are also offering support to a paying company that uses Cocoon in many of their apps. We are prioritizing those things and they take a lot of time.

We want to release the update to the servers and the new version of Canvas+ and then get back to all of you, our users and offer support in the forums again.

Thank you for your patience.


Hello @Blue_Sialia

Glad to hearing back from you! I’m glad that your team still works on cocoon, too!
Hopefully we will see you and the other more often in the forum againg.

Thanks for updating us!


Hey @Blue_Sialia,

Thank you for the reply! It’s been impossible for me to recommend Cocoon to other developers due to the lack of development and fear that Cocoon is dying. Your post at least gives us some confidence again that Cocoon is still alive.

That said, Cocoon is way behind the current browser support for many features, especially for canvas and web audio. It’s becoming harder and harder to trust in Cocoon for our upcoming projects, because we just cannot use all the modern features that Cocoon doesn’t support and we do not like having to make our games less cool just because Cocoon isn’t up to date with the web anymore.

If you could, it’d mean the world to us if you could give us an indication of the features that will be added in 2.2.0 and if you have any ETA at all. We hope you take this request into consideration.

Thank you for your hard work!


Hi @wouterlockefeer,

For the moment I can say the most important change is a big update for the v8 engine resulting in a better performance overall.

I think I’ll be able to say more by the end of this week or the next.


Ok… A month later, anything new? Would love to hear about the upcoming things!

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DEAD… Not coming back


Is the payed service and communication better?
Someone has experience with that?


One would hope. Seems like people are paying and not getting the upgrades at the moment…


I paid 5 days ago and stuck with free. I can’t get a response from their sales department either. Need to dispute with the bank to get my money back.


That’s unfortunate. I was thinking of paying just to get an answer on that GMA SDK question you posed. Sounds like you might have had the same thought and are having no luck. Please let us know how it goes! It’d be unfortunate to have to walk away although I’ve been thinking about seeing how C3 is coming along with its compiling feature.


Yeah, I’m currently exploring other options, but hesitant to try out Construct 3. Might move to GameMaker or Unity.


Anyone is having some sort of chance with the paid supportÉ Ièm willing to pay for the top one just to get some help…

#17 responded to me and gave me my silver plan.


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