Its almost 2018 and we still get Black Screen of Death?


Can we get a solution for the Construct 2 black screen problem by 2020? Or just move on to building with other more solid programs?

I’ve made 10 apks upgrades working fine, now with one new simple export upgrade, that nothing dramatically changed, I get the black screen problem every time. I did all the recommendations, not minifying script, not even using the browser object anymore… Its this damn Cocoon Splash screen that mess up with everything… C’mon guys, this is not the exploration of the Mars surface, its a BUG !


did you add in index.html
<script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script>

and set in configuration
content URL: index.html

those mistake can show you black windows

but if you have upload several project with not error you should try to making test with those project with not error and compare with the one that give you error

my last game upload fine so its not problem, is something you are doing wrong


I’m using Construct and Cocoon for a long time.
Mostly the black screen issue comes from a miss-configuration or the usage of not allowed / supported



Thank you. I apologize to Cocoon. After many tests I realized the problem was with APPODEAL plugin, after I updated their SDK and somehow it gave me black screen. Their support tried to help me and sent other plugins, only one worked (nodex and had to enable multidex, which for my surprise disabled Cocoon splash screen!!) But it made the game lag too much and after trying to select Canvas (instead of Webview) it gave a build error.

I gave on appodeal for now and Im using AdMob directly, which is running smoothly.

I dont understand all these docs saying you must install Cocoon plugin/SDK into Construct 2 and AdMob Cocoon specific SDK. I have not added Cocoon to my C2 project and its building fine, I just export as cordova, add the plugins on cocoon and its good to go…

Theres a lot of confusing and duplicated information that mislead users.

Phone Gap Buld (Cloud Service) is also a good way to go if you are having to many trouble with Cocoon (sorry for mentioning it here, but its for the sake and sanity for the amateur users like me)



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