Leaderboard not show


Export projects at the Google play Games.

I entered data, but in leaderboard one person is displayed, this is the owner of an account.
From other accounts results only them, but not other players are shown.
What to do?


Hi @TecenGOD
seems that you have the same issue than another person here. Please check this post and try the provided solution.

Let me know if it worked for you.




Hi andy,

I have integrated google play services everything working fine but…after login…when i click on leaderboard button its shows…nothing…just loading and loading…

I have checked the same error in another device.

Do u have any idea how this can be fixed?



Hi @brightgeeks01

thanks for your post. This issue can be caused by several things like

  • Wrong Leaderboard ID (not the APP_ID)
  • Wrong settings at your Google Developer Console
  • Play Service isn’t ready yet (it takes a few day to fully work, so if you just have created it, give it a day or two)

If you wish I can check it on my end. Please fill out the Bug Report document and send it back to me.