Leaderboard not showing up


So I’m using Construct 2 and exporting to Cordova. I don’t know if google play services is actually working on my app, as when i open the app. Google will show up and everything, but when i try to access the leaderboard by clicking the button that i’ve made that when the user clicks it, it will open the leaderboard but nothing shows up when i click it. Also when i try to submit a show, the google play shows up, it spins the loading thing and just stops there. Did i do everything right? I have the APP id in the plugin and linked to the leaderboard ID.


can you provide me your cpax file in a private message?
Then I will check your code.

You find a code example for the leaderboard here, if you want to check it on your own:

Moreover you find a guide here:



So after messing around, I finally got it to work. Thanks for the help @andy_reitberger


Hi @sophannat93
You’re welcome.
Can you tell us how to have fixed it? Or did the example file help you?