Libpng Warning from Google


Hi ubruuu,

It says, the problem is using older version of libpng which causes security vulnerability. Also it says, our game will not be deleted. but we can not publish new versions.

I used phaser framework for my games. Maybe this is the problem i dont know. On the oher hand there are also people who suffered this problem are using Corona SDK.

Maybe we just use jpg or something instead of png.

Finally, we do not know actually how can we solve this. I hope someone will help us :slight_smile:


Mmm “great” but why I cannot see actual number of installation? I tried to publish newer version so I will see what will happens.

I am using Webview engine - Canvas+ and the game was made in Construct 2. Yeah I also hope there will be some solution.


I dont know why you cannot see the number of installations. this may not be related with this problem.

I think, the libpng problem causes from Canvas+. Lets wait for Cocoon team, maybe they can find a solution for it.


Same, I got it too, just waiting for another cocoon compiler update security.


+1. I’ve got this problem too.


+1. I’ve got this problem too.
i am using construct 2


+1. I’ve got this problem too.


Hi All,

I am using Phaser Framework to develop my games. Is problem caused by Cocoon Compiler or Phaser Framework?? I dont think the problem comes from Phaser Framework. Because it is just a Javascript file.

What frameworks are you using? If you are using any other frameworks, it shows us the libpng problem occurs on Cocoon Compiler.



Nothing to be worried about. Once ludei has updated this library then you just have to recompile your game and upload it to the store.
Then the error message will disappear.

Thank you!



Thanks andy_reitberger for your quick response & solution :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody,

we are aware of this problem and we are looking to provide a solution as soon as possible.

Thank you again for being patient,

Security alert libpng containing a security vulnerability
Libpng security warning
We detected that your app(s) listed at the end of this email are using an unsafe version of the libpng library. Apps with vulnerabilities like this can expose users to risk of compromise and may be considered in violation of our Malicious Behavior policy

how we will get notified about this fix? is there any ETA?


I assume that ludei will send an email to all cocoon user once the have updated libpng.
There is no need to be worried. All your apps are working fine, this is only a warning. Once Ludei has updated it, you just need to recompile your game and upload it to the store.

Thank you!



Hello everybody,

we estimate that by Monday we will have the fix in testing and if everything goes fine, by Tuesday or Wednesday it should be available to everybody.

Thanks for being patient,


Hi @andoni.martin nice to meet you, thanks for telling us for the progress :grin:
Btw, are you new admin here? I’ve never saw you, Welcome :grin:


Thanks andoni…for the progress update !
But i have an app which requires immediate bug fixing …so can you provide that cocoon update just a little faster or can tell a fix for this for now so that i can upload my new exported update .Any help is appreciated!


Nice to meet you too @arcadesind, I’m working as the backend engineer of Cocoon. I cannot really help with Cordova related problems but I do my best to keep Cocoon as stable as possible knowing that this is a fast changing environment.

I’m not the admin, I just keep an eye over the forums to detect if there is any problem with the platform but I do certainly answer the PM’s if there is any doubt ;).

@shubhamrathi9, I’m sorry, if there was an easy fix we would have deployed it but there are no workarounds, we have to update libPNG in canvas+ and upload the new version to the testing environment before releasing it.

Sorry again for this inconvenience and thank you all for reporting this issue, best,


I also have a bug fix to push today, can you let us use a temporary version with it so we can get our bug fixes out?


Guyz i think we all just have to wait for update!
Cocoon is already an awesome service.


is thursday or wednesday sure right? how we get to know that the update or fix available?