Local notifications don't work properly with Canvas+

  • Cocoon Version:

  • Basic description of the problem:
    If I use Canvas+, all notifications are received immediately after they are sent, regardless of the “date” property. It works fine with Webview.

  • Device info:
    OS version: 4.2.2, 7.1.2 (and more)
    Model: Samsung GT-I9060, Samsung GT-I9195, Emulator (and more)

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:

  1. Create new Cocoon project, install Local Notifications plugin.
  2. Download Notifications demo.
  3. Compile demo using Canvas+.
  4. Download and install in phone or emulator.
  5. Trigger notification. It will be received immediately, no matter what time is set.
  • Expected result:
    Notifications shouldn’t be received immediately.

  • Testcase:
    Notifications demo

  • Webview engine(s):

  • Used plugins:
    Local Notifications

  • Framework/game engine:
    Phaser 2.6.2


So the temporary fix is to use:
date: (new Date().valueOf() + delay).toString()
instead of
date: new Date().valueOf() + delay,
where delay is time in milliseconds.


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