Local Notifications


I’m trying to make Construct 2 plugin for Local Notifications and it does not work. By “does not work” I mean that notifications do not apear after sending.

I’ve debugged everything step by step and it looks like the initialization fails. Please see my code here: https://puu.sh/wic69/99ca5022de.png

As you can see the last check is regarding initialization process and I do receive “Initialization failed” message so it fails in this place.

Please note that cordova.js is included into project and the whole code starts under document.addEventListener("deviceready", function () {

Could you please point me if I pass any parameters incorrectly (I have followed examples both in Docs and API) or is it something on your side?

Just another note: When I install APK, I am not asked for any permission related to notifications ( I do have cocoon-plugin-notifications-android-local plugin installed in Cocoon panel).

I tried with Developer app but no errors in console appear: https://puu.sh/wicBN/8e0deb70a8.png



Bump. Would appreciate any feedback from Ludei regarding the issue. Thanks.


Nothing yet? I want to put local notifications on my game also but i cant find a way to integrate them


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