LUDEI, it would be possible to add the WebRTC service in Cocoon.IO Canvas +


LUDEI, it would be possible to add the WebRTC service in compiling the Cocoon.IO Canvas +.
This service is essential to build that will work with Multiplayer Games being possible to Cocoon platform will be fuller than ever, and will support a new line of games that does not use the Cocoon platform for its compilation.


WebRTC is a “pretty” complex API and not very demanded currently. Our only suggestion for the moment could be to create a Cordova plugin that mimmics the original API and uses a native hook such as: This is not in our roadmap at the moment unless the demand for the API increases.



And this is why i cant use cocoonjs for my project right now… bad…
cordova has the implemantion via crosswalk…


old topic but this should help future users. there is a plugin to support web rtc on ios.


Only IOS, and Android?


Android web rtc is supported out the box using webview+! I am using it currently. The only thing you need to do to activate the web rtc stream is use a plugin to enable the camera permissions. Here is the plugin I created that enables android camera permissions:

Cordova Ios RTC Plugin stops app from compiling

Webview + does not have the same performance as canvas +, adding the WebRTC service to work on canvas + would be something very good and needed!


I agree, I think that this would be a great feature.


Is someone in ludei still thinking about this… is this going to be a feature in near future?


not now, they’re working hard for GDPR this several months