My progress bar is not working on mobile


Hello all

I am wondering if someone else has the same issue as me.
I have a loading screen for my game, where you see the loading bar and the percentage when the game is loading.
This screen is working perfectly on the preview mode. You can see the bar progressing as the game is loading.
Once I compile that and test the apk on my phone, the loading screen now act as a simple image; the progress bar is just fixed and the percentage is at 100%.
I am working on android.
Please advise if you have a solution for me.

Thank you


Progressbars are not supported by canvas plus.
Either use WebView or make your one progressbar with sprites.
Please read more here.


Hello Andy

Thank you for your reply
Actually I did my own progress bar.
I am not using construct 2 progress bar plugin.
I think you already have my capx (from Marc, I sent you 1 or 2 weeks ago regarding issue with interstitals); you can check it

Thank you


For those who are having the same issue, I found the solution through this post:

As soon as I modified the file it is working perfectly.